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Do i use melee at all? Not just on Jad and OSRS gold his friends, but also on other creatures. What should my total be? In addition, I'd like sell merchandise, and I'd like not to spend over 10mil to purchase that... Is the fire cape really worth the trouble tho?

And no worries bout bandos, got 2 maxed berserkers (torva+chaotics+turm+ovlds) who'll be accompanying me.. Not bad, i barely do anythn, while still makin mills. Then i purchased peity for 11 mil, with frost bones. At 66 pray, gonna hit 70 tommorow.

I have the following gear: Full Dharok, Whip, Dragon Defender, Dragon Dagger P++, Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Claws Fury, Glory Ring of wealth, ring of life 100+ rings of recoil, Rune chain setof around 1mil in range bolts, knives and arrows 1mil runes, 100 rocktails, 1k sharks plus a plethora of things.

Brody's guide which Dei You linked. 'nuff said. You may want to explore the options that he offers, for instance, you could bring a Verac's skirt for prayer bonuses and defense against range, or any other Barrow's legs that are used for range defence. Also, you may want to include a shield as a way to compensate for a low defense level. Consider getting an SGS loan if you can't be bothered getting an Enhanced Excalibur. It's the absolute most.

It's also advisable to drink more to offset your lack of experience until you're able to get the hang of it. I recommend bringing the Prayer Renewal or two (if you know the best time to use them) to go along with the super restores or prayer you'll use. If using a combination of buy old school runescape gold super restores and prayers, only use super restores after you've made.