What's funny with Madden

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In January 2022, Belton posted his video entitled "I've niews seen it before...You have won EA...I'm going to Madden 22 coins never play Madden again ..." Then, just one week afterwards, Belton posted another Madden video. If you'd been watching his channel for a while, like I was, you'd have a sense that it was a fact that he wouldn't give up.

What's funny with Madden -- which happens to be the sole NFL certified video gaming franchise 34 years going -- is that despite its massive popularity, there is nothing you ever hear about is complaints from people who are against it.

The main criticism, repeated time and time again, is that each year's update is an improvement on the previous. Since EA Sports has the exclusive license, it is only one company that can create a "simulation-style" NFL game. This suggests that the developer is under no pressure to improve the game every year. In 2020, a raging campaign on Twitter urged the league to launch EA as its official partner #NFLDropEA. However, despite the outrage over social media that also included coordinated review-bombing of its Metacritic pages, Madden 21 sales were at a record high. This year's Madden 22 did well, too, and Madden continues to be the top-selling sports franchise in history.

The critics hail from a vocal minority, but one whose task is to be extraordinarily vocal. We're talking about YouTubers, who earn their living through making videos by streaming themselves in a game they say they don't like.

The diversity of YouTubers' areas of focus shows how massive the game today. There are YouTubers such as Belton who post footage of their own games; there's a wide selection of YouTubers uploading tips and tricks. Then there are YouTubers who dedicate themselves to buy mut coins playing Madden.