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Hydra's Bite Bitchery, Steel Trap, Tip of the Spear, along with Flanking Strike will all have an increase in damage.The Focus cost of Chakrams will be reduced.Mage Arcane Explosion, Fireblast, Frostbolt, as well as Mirror Image will be available to all mage specializations. Fire Ward and Frost Ward have returned to help Mage defenses with WoTLK Classic Gold. Alter Time has also been returned, with Mages able to return back to their original location with the same mana and health after using it another time.

A brand new ability called Focus Magic will grant an all-around player a boost to their critical hit chance for spells. If an ally is hit with critical hit with a spell, Arcane Mages will receive the same boon for a short period of time.


Clearcasting will have an additional stack.Mastery: Savant will extend the damage-enhancing properties to Arcane Blast and Barrage to all spells.Touch of the Magi was removed out of the talent tree, instead, it can be used as a standard Arcane ability.Enlightened is a brand new talent, empowering all Arcane damage while the caster's health is above an amount that is not too high, and switching to mana regeneration once the mana of the player drops below this threshold.


The Mastery feature of Ignite has been re-designed to provide more control over Ignite.Fireblast acts as catalyst for spreading the effect up to eight enemies upon being cast onto the Ignited enemy.Blast Wave will do more damage, with an increased duration that is slow to add on.Kindling slowdown is increased.Pyroclasm Damage bonus can also be enhanced.


"Flurry's" Winter Chill debuff will have an even longer duration debuff which causes the next two spells to make the target appear frozen, increasing the critical hit chance for the mage as well as allies.Monk Expel Harm, the Fortifying Brew, Spinning Crane Kick, the Touch of Death, and Touch of Death will be open to all Monks for utilize, regardless of their specificization. The specializations that are available to all will be able call their Celestial by using Invoke Xuen which is also known as or the White Tiger; Invoke Niuzao and the Black Ox and invoke Yu'lon or the Jade Serpent.In other news, Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard has raised the long-standing question of whether we'll ever get buy WoTLK Classic Gold on consoles. However, Blizzard is working double-time to end expanding the community in the game.