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When it comes to online adult entertainment, it can not be argued that Adult Friend Finder is no doubt a massive giant in the industry but the buck stops there. The remaining questions are the reasoning behind a new startup known as Our Secret Lifestyle. We decided to do some testing on Adult Friend Finder to find the answer to a few things and we were surprised by what we found.

The first major question one has on any site like this is are the members real? Well in our testing we did in fact find real members but the results still left us wondering. Some of those members had not been active in a very long time, some for as long as 2-5 years. This is very misleading to have inactive members in your search results. People want to find real singles and couples who share the same lifestyle right? In fact out of all the profiles we found only around 10-15 percent were actually active. That is a huge active member loss.

During our testing we found on average about 25 percent fake profile, people in the search listing that we knew just couldnt be real, you know the porn star looking type. Lets be honest, we are all everyday people and we can spot a model or porn star a mile away. We even searched within a small town where we know pretty much everyone and found at least 10 profiles of people we know for a fact do not reside here. Very misleading and shame on Adult Friend Finder. So how would one know who is fake if you live in a huge city? You wouldnt and that is exactly what Adult Friend Finder is betting on.

So at this point we can make the conclusion that you pay $39.95 a month in order to be able to look at pictures of people that you really dont know are real or not, no idea if they are active and the ability to send them a message right? Well it does not sound like a good benefit to me. Imagine if there was an Adult Friend Finder Alternative. One where you would really know if this person was active, if they really would respond? You know, kind of like a social media type thing!

Introducing Our Secret Lifestyle, the Adult Social Media where you can reach out to others who share the same interests and by that we mean the kinky ones :) Our Secret Lifestyle was built by Exotic Desires Social Club based in Knoxville Tennessee. The idea came about because people are tired of censorship on Facebook and tired of insane prices of these fake adult dating sites. Our Secret Lifestyle is The Adult Friend Finder Alternative. All of the benefits and less of the bullshit fakes!

Every member of Our Secret Lifestyle is real, they are active and we know this because a lot of the members attend or exclusive party events! Adult Friend Finder cant say that now can they? You can see on the timeline every day who is active, you can finally reach out to real people in the lifestyle. Our Secret Lifestyle is Knoxvilles Premier Adult Social Club with hundreds of fun loving singles and couples!

Now, sure every online member site comes with a fee but $39.95 ?? Hell no! Our membership is just $17 per month, that is 56 cents per day and you can view every members profile, contact them, post your own news feeds, even trade and sell on our social media. Our site offers every single benefit that you will find on Facebook. Groups, blogs, pages, image galleries, fund raisers, articles, movies and more. It is truly a social media designed for the adult lifestyle. This is the best Adult Friend Finder alternative on the internet.

Right now registration and membership is totally free as we build our base and welcome you into the fun loving atmosphere of Our Secret Lifestyle, so what are you waiting for? Come join us today, register now!

Our Secret Lifestyle